Monday, 28 March 2011

Extremely Busy at Barrington Pottery

This is just a quick post while I stop for a cup of Tea.
I have orders coming out of my ears at the moment,
This weekend I just confirmed orders for 250 coffee cups
for the Royal Wedding.
So they have to be completed in the next 4 weeks.
Not for the Royals I must add.
so I got in the workshop at 7.30 this morning
to get started on them, and My Tonne of clay turned up
so I ended up handling 80 bags of clay to the far end of the workshop.
I'm obviously getting fitter
because I did it in half the time of the last delivery and I wasn't
out of breath when I finished.
I did have a picture of some coffee cups on here but it seems
 to have disappeared, while I've been writing this blog.
Anyway I have 7 other pots that need firing today
and as I loaded up the kiln all the power went off.
I decided to go for an early lunch break
and when I came back it was all on again.
I'm also trying to re design what I call my quality leaflet,
and at the end of this week I've also got to put my last
claim form in for my Larc grant.
in amongst all this I have six people booked in
for taster sessions and two evening classes.
anyway back to the wheel.


Hollis Engley said...

That's a big order of cups, Paul. No matter who ends up drinking from them.

Dennis Allen said...

Good luck with those cups.How many will you make to get 250 perfect ones?

ang said...

very cool paul.. enjoy the pace :))

Hannah said...

Excellent order Paul. Well done you. How do you find that clay? I have just been reading their brochure to see if I should try theirs.

Paul Jessop said...

This new batch is great. I would recommend it, it is so smooth, one of my students said earlier this week it's like throwing with chocolate. now that can't be bad.

Paul Jessop said...

Dennis, I'm making them in batches of 21, the first two are always a bit ropey, but when you get into a rhythm they flow well, so on that basis I'll make 24 that will be duffers.

Hannah said...

throwing with chocolate, dam that sounds good.

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