Thursday, 5 May 2011

Not about the Royal Wedding

It's exactly a week since the last of the
Royal Wedding coffee cups came out of the kiln,
Today I have opened a kiln that wasn't full of coffee cups.

This is what I'm calling my Horizon Bowl
it's taken from an Idea I was working on way back when I was at
college doing my Pottery A Level in 1979.
"Yes I'm that old."
I've also got into writing stuff on bowls.
Some things I just make up and others are things that follow you through life.
I like this one because it seems to fit well with being a potter.
It's been great to get back into making bigger pots.
These lipped bowls are for showroom stock.
and I've been asked to make a Country Jug for a wedding gift
with wording on.
This one is hitting the spot for me.
I can't seem to get away from weddings at the moment.
I'm not complaining ,
I Love Weddings.


cookingwithgas said...

Oh, I love the writing on the bowls and that tall-pitcher/jug is really sweet!
Don't complain- wedding gift can turn into more later down the road.

Ron said...

Looking great Paul. I know you're glad to be finished with the mug order and on to other things. Weddings are a good market for sure.

Anna said...

Lovely. And that chocolaty brown color....yummy.

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