Tuesday, 10 May 2011

To busy to be tidy

In a desperate attempt to get some stock on the shelves
I got in the workshop early this morning
and glazed a kiln load before 10am.
I also made up a new batch of glaze.
Does that mean I get away with this amount of mess ?

Rehearsals for a play were going on out the back of the workshop
on Sunday.
Nothing to do with me, but it made for a good picture.
I've also ordered a new KT250 connector from Potterycrafts today
for the other kiln.
Thanks guys for being so nice and helpful.


Hannah said...

did you get a wee package from USA via Scotland yet? Sent it to pottery address. I sure hope so.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Hannah,

Yes I did Thank You very much.
I'm gonna put a pic up as soon as I get one.

Hannah said...

Hey hey glad it arrived safely. Fab aren't they. Do you reckon we can get me you Doug and Andrew all together at the same time wearing them?

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