Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Crazy For You - apt description for London Trip.

Our Friend and Neighbour Ian McGarry is on the board of directors
of the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park.
And he was able to arrange for us to attend the press night. 
So we took the chance to pop into
Edwards & Todd to see how the pots are selling.
They are in the window display
and more are inside.
They have been selling well and a fresh order could be coming my way soon.
which is great news.
I took the opportunity to pop around the corner
to the Contemporary Ceramics Gallery
where I took this picture of Clive Bowen pots on display.
Later in the day we were near the Gherkin in the City
This is the view from the bedroom window in Putney
can you see the tube train.
So here we are at the Open Air Theatre
in Regents park.
While else where in London this was the scene
The show was Fantastic and we were at the after show party
here is our 90 year old friend Nancy with Sean Palmer
the star of the show.
Here we are leaving the party
Oblivious to the chaos around us.
Until we tried to catch a tube and bus home.
We didn't see this bus but the tubes were running a limited service
and the buses were all being re routed.
but we managed to get back to Putney.
This mindless looting makes you ashamed
to be British.
But the response by so many people to clean up
and help out in the aftermath.
Makes you proud.
I take my hat off to all that are showing that
 people are not prepared to let them get away with it.


Lori Buff said...

Good to know you are okay through all of the turmoil.

Tracey Broome said...

Public radio here today did a story on the riots and there was a great story of a boy that was robbed, the video ended up on youtube and the folks in England have started a "let's do something nice for (I forget his name). People are good for the most part, it's just that small uneducated, unemployed group that are always up to no good.
Glad your pots are doing well, the shop window would definitely pull me in to buy something!

Anna said...

I've been listening to the Public Radio reports too...Seeing that last picture is even MORE frightening then the radio. So glad you were able to have a good time AND get home safely.

And the window dressing...BEAUTIFUL. :)

Elaine Bradley said...
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Elaine Bradley said...

Great bunch of posts from you in last while. Loving reading them. Caddie is a bit quiet tho! The British need not be ashamed - the riots and looting are overall a tiny minority of a large population. Some guy who works with the troubled youth of I think it was Birmingham was on TV last night defending the troublemakers because they were not raised or educated properly and had little hope of getting a job. People know what right and wrong are, but some choose to be angry victims and lash out mindlessly using the first lazy excuse they can. "We're getting our taxes back!" was one comment from a looter - like she ever paid any! What do they think the taxes cover? The essentials like roads, hospitals and police etc! Their reasoning is warped and illinformed. I lived in the London for years and witnessed violence and robbery - you get some of that in big cities but not predominantly. These folk are looking for sensation and excitement in greed and destruction. They will suffer the consequences because they will not be allowed to continue. GREAT to see the British are rallying with their brushes and their rubber gloves with that spirit of unity against adversity as they are so good at. The world will not judge all of Britain by these riots. I hope some of the punishment involves the agressors cleaning up the mess and meeting the victims face to face. THAT would be an education!

gz said...

interesting to hear on the radio early this morning that many of the looters are not young, not unemployed,and not uneducated.
Indeed yesterday evening one was recorded in a street interview saying that he was getting some of his taxes back...

Laura Jessop said...

As someone who actually lives in London, and had the riots at the end of my road, I wholly disagree with you on the fact the "it makes you ashamed to be British." The only people that should feel ashamed are the perpetrators. I witnessed an incredible amount of community spirit and love and concern from the majority of Londoners. The efforts that people went to help others only made me feel proud to live here.

Hollis Engley said...

Those of us on this side of the Atlantic should read the British newspapers online, the BBC, Global Post and other non-US news sources to get a more complete story of what was happening in London and elsewhere in Britain. From what I've read, I agree with Laura Jessop that there were many heroic stories of people going into the street to protect lives and property and stand up to the hooligans who seemed to have nothing in mind other than smashing glass and looting shops.

Paul Jessop said...

I agree,
I thought I said that in my last paragraph ?

Laura Jessop said...

It was just the 'ashmamed to be British' comment I personally felt different about. And that's quite something coming from a Lefty, haha.

Tracey Broome said...

But look at your beautiful window display :)

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