Sunday, 7 August 2011

Barrington Pottery Attend Taunton Flower show.

This post is a bit longer than usual
so why not go and make a cup of tea
and come back and relax.

This Year we were fortunate enough to be asked to
give pottery demonstrations at the
 Taunton Flower show.
It's been running since 1866 and we were very pleased to be asked.
we were in the rural crafts section.
We had issues, that according to Marion were all my fault.
Can you spot our Gazebo ?
No neither could we!
I had ordered one on Tuesday for delivery on Thursday
with the show starting on Friday morning.
Luckily for us it was dry all day Friday.
we were right by the main arena
which as you can see was full.
One of the displays was the Jamie Squibb
freestyle display team.
These guys were Awesome!
not a word I use much but in this case it's the only word to describe them.
It was a great show,
They even had the camels from the side of the M5
on display in the children'ss area.
This lady was fun with her Chariots of fire display.

Whats This.
It eventually turned up at the pub in Barrington
at about 4.30 on Friday afternoon.
which just about saved my skin
as it started raining on the Saturday morning about 9am as we
arrived at the stand with the Gazebo.
It felt strange demonstrating making pots
and looking up and seeing 30 -40 people watching you
and even stranger when they gave a round of applause.
Big Tip
Don't try pulling handles when teenage girls are around.
and this last shot is just for Ron
It wouldn't be a Somerset show without Cider!.
anyway we had our best show ever
and on Monday the 8th August 2011
it will be 3 years since we were both made redundant
on the same day.
Crikey what a Three Years.....


Anna said...

SO glad your tent arrived...and the whole show looks fun!

Ron said...

Yum, cider! Glad your tent finally showed up. Hi to Marion.

Laura Jessop said...

That looks fantastic Dad. Wish I was there.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a huge show, Paul. And the motorcycle show looks amazing. Better late than never on the tent, and I know what you mean about pulling handles ...

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