Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Somerset Arts Week 2011 Venue 24 week one

Somerset Art Weeks is well under way
and we have seen a good amount of people through the doors
sales are going well
and just like this sunflower in the back garden at home
it's enough to make you Smile.

I've had some new pots out of the kiln today
including these Soup Bowls. 
 and some more salt pigs.
and some new Pie dishes
as we had sold out on Monday
so now these 5" pie dishes are back in stock. 
and walking through the village the other day
I noticed two of my jugs sat in the window of a cottage in the village. 
It's nice to your work in peoples houses.
why not come and see us while art weeks is on.
you can also see work by


cookingwithgas said...

gosh those look good!
The sunflower is a beauty!

ang walford said...

hey paul, I'll be taking your pots down to the club saturday for the slipware day....peeps are excited to see the UK stuff :))

Hannah said...

Hi Paul, Soup bowls, they look lovely shapes. Very cosy looking.

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