Fresh pots and Late summer sunshine.

OK it's 3.30pm and I have made 70 pie dishes today
here is a shot of 50 of them drying in the sun.
there are another 20 in the workshop
I have a new camera thanks to a combination of
Marion & Cadbury
I'm sure the real story will find it's way
The upshot of the saga, is that I now have a new
and better camera
which is great because I'm also updating my web site
with lots of new stuff.
I'll let you know when it's all done. 
The pie dishes look great with the Autumn colours.
so natural. 
Lipped bowls for the web site. 
people love this big chap
but he is still in the showroom. 
and these are the ramekins.

 I had three nutters in the workshop
all at the same time today.
They were all none related, they just seem to arrive all at once
totally independent.
They did seem to cancel each other out though
which was quite funny.
I'm going to check the alignment of the stars this evening
as it could be a sign
3 unwise men turning up on my doorstep
unfortunately none of them were baring gifts.
anyway I think I've had my fair share
so I'm hoping that's it for the year.

Very interesting day lined up for Wednesday
so I'll let you know more
later in the week.


New Leaf said…
I wouldn't have minded if they bared their gifts to me, depending on how generous said gifts are...
Dennis Allen said…
That's a fair day's work by modern standards.The finished ones look great
gz said…
It gives a sense of achievement and relief, seeing them out drying like that!
cookingwithgas said…
they do come in group and someone said we are having some kind of cosmic flashes- maybe they are just that.
Love the pots- they look so very good.
The pots look great. I love the colours that you use and have been enjoying reading about your slip material tribulations.

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