Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Funny road sign and year end.

Sunday was such a nice day we decided to go out for the day
as this is my last free Sunday until November.
The Court opens on Thursday.
 We went to Cheddar before all the tourists fill the place
and this is where We saw this sign.
This is my kind of Humor.
 We sat in the balcony at Costa Coffee where we took these
two pictures.
We were discussing what we should do if this guy 
on the rock was to fall.

It was a great day out with Marion & we talked about the pottery
for the year ahead, as this is the last week of this financial year.
and we've done Ok.

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to Marion
who has been such a great help over the past year
whilst still keeping up a full time job.
I Love You
but I guess you kinda know that.
I've just read this back and remembered a funny story in the pub
on Sunday night.
We were talking with our friends Andrew & Ian
about some woman who had died a few years ago
and Andrew was saying how great she was and that her bloke 
was a Total Tosser.
I turned round to Andrew & Ian and said
" Isn't amazing how total tossers get such great women"
They both just looked at Marion
and then looked at me.
We all fell about laughing.
Point Taken.


Ron said...

That's funny Paul. You and Marion are wonderful and am I'm sure both very lucky to have one another.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey, is that my husband up on that rock! We went out yesterday and had a lovely family day together on the rocks, looks so familiar. I don't know, I think Marion did ok!

Thistle Bee Pottery said...

Haha! My husband gets similar comments!

Barbara Rogers said...

Great story...I'm amazed that your season starts already...and I bet you're sort of glad to be back in business again. Enjoy!

imagine said...

The same thought enters my mind every day.
But hey! Just think of the women we could have had if we were even bigger "Tossers".

Good luck to you both you deserve it.

David Barber said...

Fantasic story and great pics. It almost looks like summer.

Clinton Hurlburt said...

I chuckled a bit after seeing the sign board, Paul. Haha! It's quite humorous. If the guy on the rock fell at that very moment, I bet you'll blame each other for talking about it. LOL.

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