New Pots on the Shelf, New Season.

Barrington Court re opened on Thursday 1st March
and we have new stock on the shelf.
I do like this Large dish.
 I have some more small jugs back in stock.
 and in a range of colours.
 also some more garlic pots.
 This Pancheon is 16" wide and has been made for an order.
 and this dish was going to be a diamond Jubilee bowl 
but at the last minute I just came up with this design
and I'm pleased to say it sold straight away.
 Two large harvest jugs slipped today
the plain one is for a Jubilee Jug and the one with the wave design 
is for an order.
 I'm still walking to the workshop
and spotted this owl the other morning
looking for his breakfast.
 and these Devon style jugs have some nice markings
that make them look like they have been wood fired.
It's been a good start to the new season.
all I have to do is keep making.
It's the start of a season and I feel  cream cracker-ed already.


Dennis Allen said…
great finishes.
cookingwithgas said…
Lovely looking pots- love the colors you are getting and in reading below you are a lucky one and I know your Marion knows that otherwise...she might toss you!
You are no Frank Gallagher!
Unknown said…
Absolutely stunning pots - the more I see of slipware the more convinced I am that I took the wrong path when making stoneware. Thanks for posting - if you want to share your secrets I'm all ears!
Lori Buff said…
They all look beautiful, I can see why you like that plate. It's amazing.
Ron said…
Here's to many folks walking through your showroom door this Spring and Summer. Pots look fab.

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