Sunday, 28 August 2016

Barrington Pottery - Cadbury 2005 - 2016

First of all I have to tell you that we have lost Cadbury our beloved Chocolate Labrador.
He was coming up to 11 years of age and his heart was playing up
in the end we had to make what we felt was the best decision for him but not us!
We had had him from a 9 week old Puppy and he was just a fantastic dog.
So I just wanted to thank him for enriching our lives in so many ways
for the past 11 years.
Here are a selection of my favorite pictures of him over the years.

 RIP Cadbury you old bugger
you are sorely missed.


PotterMiller said...

Oh Paul, I am so sorry to read this. Made me quite teary going through the images. Absolutely beautiful photos of a studio buddy. I just adopted a blind 3 year old yellow lab 4 weeks ago. They are just the best dogs..... Ever! I went two years after the last guy, it was too long. They bring so much fun to life! Peace to you Paul the potter.......

Tracey Broome said...

So sorry Paul. As I read, I was going to tell you to go read PotterMiller blog and here she is right ahead of me! We are about to begin a search for a dog, its been two years for us as well, too long. A studio dog is a must have.
My thoughts are with you guys, I know how sad it is to lose your mate. Love the photos, I remember these....

Barbara Rogers said...

Among all your friends who will console you, are many of us who have also lost a pet most beloved. I noticed we humans want to share our own loss, but the main thing that seems to matter is that we have also loved an animal which leaves a huge hole in our lives.

Anonymous said...

RIP Cadbury. You had a good life!

smartcat said...

It will be odd to see photos without Cadbury somewhere in the fore or back ground. Thank you for sharing his life with us.
Sympathy to you and Marion.