Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Barrington Pottery New Products and Showroom revamp.

Things have been so busy at the pottery
over the past few months that somethings had to give
and I'm afraid the Blog fell by the wayside.
But the pressure of a big order has now gone away
with over 1,000 pots collected from the workshop.
So I've now got back into making stock for the showroom
and I have time to bring you up to date with the goings on.

I have been Making some new design serving dishes
These dishes are about 7" wide

Far more colour and pattern than my usual work. 
I found it hard to do so much design work 
So just to please me I slipped in a number of plainer one's. 
The idea behind these dishes is that they are made to mix and match
as serving dishes.

This was a mock up of our stall at  Earth & Fire at Rufford Abbey.

This platter is 15" wide and has a nice rustic look.

This large Lidded jar has now sold.

These New lidded jars are a treat to make and I love the
simplicity that slipware affords.

These Jugs are one of my favorites to make.

We have been making a large order for the National Trust
here are some of the 300 Devon Jugs in production. 

Our Showroom revamp has proved a great success 
this Giant A Frame was found in a skip
and I transformed it into a display area for my Signed pieces.

 We have kept the Country feel that I love. 
 It works well to set the work apart from our standard wares.
We have been working some long hours to get our orders
out on time, this picture of the sun rise at the workshop
was taken at around 5am. 
 This picture of the jugs before being loaded into
the kiln gives an idea of the scale of order we have been working on.
 and you might recognize this chap?
it's Tom from the pottery throw down.
he has made all of the pie dishes that are in the
 showroom at the moment.
I've just started making more stock for the showroom
and we have some exciting plans for 2017.
so keep logged in for the next few months to see whats happening.

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