Tuesday, 19 February 2008

It's Hotelympia week

Hi, I am at the Hotelympia exhibition this week, in my full time job as a contracts manger.

It's at the Excel exhibition centre in London. I was there all day Sunday and only spoke to two customers. Yesterday i spoke to about 5 customers. i've got today off, so i'm going to try and finish off these lids before i'm back on the stand tomorrow. I love doing the shows normally and the bussier the better, but when it drags it's so frustrating. I had time for a good look around the show to find an interesting shot for the blog, but the best thing i could come up with was this sunset on the M25 on my way home last night. There are all the big pottery companies here, Wedgewood, Churchill, etc etc. the stuff is all the same, apparently hotels only want white, know wonder hotels are so drab to stay in. any way just a thought I was thinking of getting the marketing details of these guys and offering my services as a pottery demonstrator for one of these exhibitions. I'll let you know how i get on. My good friend at work Doug Morgan is on the stand with me tomorrow so we should have fun. Doug has his own Band called Cardinal Fink and he writes songs, sings and plays guitar. I'm going to show him my Blog tomorrow, I haven't told anyone else at work about my pottery plans apart from Doug.
Neither of us should be working in this sort of job, but some times it's harder to get out of the rat race without stuffing up the lives of the people around you.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Hi Paul,

Nice jars, its crap isn't it working a job you know you shouldn't be doing. I hope you manage to get potting full time again soon. We too are cooking just about everything in the Jamie Oliver book right now.
My blog is www.wwwfaline.blogspot .com

Lots of www's i'm such a numpty I added it on infront of the www. when I set my blog up!

doug fitch said...

It is a bit of a nightmare, I was kind of lucky because of my enforced redundancy, otherwise I'd still be working for that crap university and probably wouldn't be making pots at all. I've got to make some money this year or it's back to work for me. You've just got to keep making and if and when the time is right, or the circumstances force it, you'll be ready.

We had toad in the hole tonight from Hugh Fernley Whitt's book. Hil's a big Jamie fan.

Matt's link confused me too at first.

Good looking pots and a lovely sunset.

Ron said...

You all should send Jamie some pots, maybe he'd use them in his show. There's no good pottery on any of the cooking shows on Food TV here in the US.

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