Sunday, 9 March 2008

Jugs in St Marys Church Barrington

Today I finally got around to taking some photos of the great Jugs they have on display in our local Village Church. I say Finally, it was more a case of what else can I do to put off making up some more Glaze samples. I also rang the organisers of a local show called Yesterday's Farming and booked myself a " Trade Stand". They were lovely people and they asked me if I wanted to go in the craft tent, when I said no I want to have my own stall they said " Oh you want a trade stand" as if it were some awful crime to have a trade stand. Any way I've booked up my first show for 16th & 17th August this year in Puckington a Village just down the road from us. I'll give more details about this later. As you can see I did get around to making up some samples eventually on the Kitchen table. You might recognise one of Doug Fitch's Jugs in the window, which is a constant source of inspiration.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Ey up Paul,
Well done on show, are the other pots on the table yours? I like them alot, you should put some more pics of your finished stuff up on here. Mixing glaze samples ..... nasty job!

paul jessop said...

Hi Matt, yep the pots are from the last firing. I'm hoping to get another glaze firing done sometime this week, but the weather is not looking good. one hell of a storm last night that took 6 roof tiles off our neighbours roof. With a bit of luck I should fire on Saturday, and I am confident i should get some good results, fingers crossed.

doug fitch said...

White powder and scales always looks so dodgy don't you think?!

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