Saturday, 19 April 2008

Trip to China

I have just got back from a week in China. It was all work related. I was trying to find a new supplier for some 600x600 Porcelain floor tiles for one of my Customers.
The factory's were just enormous, one of them was producing 20,000 sq mtrs per Day.
They all use roller kilns these days, and the last picture shows 600x600 tiles just coming out of the polishing machine at the end of the production line. I must admit I was not a big fan of China, we didn't get much free time in two days I went around 10 Factories and a trade show,
with an overnight stop in Hong Kong on the way back.


Hannah said...

This is utterly insane! It's a bit scary isn't it. Hope you are recovering well from the trip.

doug fitch said...

That's a crazy looking place, you wouldn't ant to be spending the rest of your working life in a place like that would you? I was pleased with your comment all the way from China. Hope you're well, look forward to some pots soon.

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