Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Ebb and Flow of Confidence

I've had these 4 jugs wrapped up in Plastic for at least 3 days, just because I wasn't feeling confident enough to decorate them. Finally I put some good music on in the workshop and went for it. I did the one in the second picture first, I had ideas of an elaborate design all planned out, but after I made the first two lines I decided that was all it needed. I think the pot stands up for it's self, that's a great feeling.
That gave me confidence to tackle the other three above it.
and then on to the Porridgers that I made at 6am on Monday morning, before going off to London for a days work.


ang said...

those jugs are lovely, throwing at 6am now that's commitment to your craft!

doug fitch said...

Good skils BP

doug fitch said...

Got all your pots in the kiln tonight. Your combing's bloomin' lovely on 'em.

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