Friday, 13 June 2008

More Tea Vicar ?

A bit of a dilema this weekend, we have been invited to the private view of the exclusive preview of art work by Bob Dylan on Saturday. There is also a walk around four local churches with details about the history of each of them ending up with cream tea in St Mary's in Barrington, the cream teas won.
So I gave the invite to the Bob Dylan show to Mick the bus in the pub ( he's the local bus driver and Artist ). so at least that's not gone to waste.
Sunday being Fathers day, my eldest daughter Laura is comming down on Saturday evening to spend Sunday with us. and Barrington Court the local National Trust house has Jazz in the gardens, bring your own picnic, so it's all sounding good.
As you can see I will be ready for a Biscuit Firing over the weekend as well.
The big bowl is my attempt at freeing up a bit on decoration. and the caserole is as a direct reaction to a quick visit I paid to the Michael Cardew Stoneware Exhibition at the Long room Gallery in Winchcombe.


Ron said...

Can I come and live with you? All that sounds like fun. Very nice casserole!

potterboy said...

Cream teas or Bob Dylan? I think you've made the right choice there. Enjoy!

tsbroome said...

Bob Dylan for me I think. check out my blog for a photo I took this week of the first bar he ever played at in NY. We all seem to have Dylan going on, Michael Kline has a great Dylan video up on his blog. Well, tea is good too!

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