Sunday, 8 June 2008

Taking Stock

Well, what a weekend so far !
On Saturday morning we went through all my pots I've made so far and sorted them into three groups. The Good the Bad and the Ugly.
Unfortunately Lee Van Cleef came out on top. well not quite.
It turned out to be a very therapeutic process that made me realise that I have made some good progress over the past year, and best of all I have made some good pots.
The good ones got priced up and stored in old apple boxes in the spare bedroom, any visitors will just have to squeeze past them. The not so good have been put outside the front of the cottage labeled seconds and trials, Free. Donations to St Mary's Church Barrington, while I am sat here writing this blog I can hear people outside rummaging through the box.
The ugly have been put to one side to be smashed with a Hammer.
The whole process made me realise what I like and what I don't like about my own work. Unfortunately the biscuit fired pots in the workshop came under even closer scrutiny whilst I still had the hammer in my hand.
But as you can see from this last picture, I was inspired by the Contemporary Crafts Fair at Bovey Tracey and got stuck into making some good stuff over the past few days.
We are off to Bovey again today to see how Doug, Hannah and Paul have faired over the past few days. Hopefully I will resist buying a hand made felt hat that I tried on last time.

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Ron said...

Hey Paul, I need to have a good sorting here too. I have a table full of pots in the kiln shed from my last salt firing that I am not so happy with. Many will probably get the hammer, or maybe donated. Probably the hammer.
Sex and the City won out over The Giant Claw.
Looking forward to seeing you in your new hat.

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