Friday, 27 June 2008

What's it all About

I had a phone call the other day from a lady that chooses art work for a local Gallery and Arts Meeting Centre in Ilminster, she wanted to see some of my work.
So I boxed up a nice selection and went to see her this morning.
She looked at my work, put some of them back down without a second glance, then shook her head and said "no we couldn't have these they look like they should be in the Seconds section at John Leach's pottery".
I'm sat here trying to think of what to write, to make this more interesting, but at the moment I feel as though I have had the stuffing knocked out of me " what's it all about!" what the F**k does she know? I'm a sales man, I'm used to rejection, I'm used to dealing with people who don't have a clue about design form or function, what this woman wanted was hand made pots that looked like they had been made in a factory. Whats the point in that !!
Ok ,I know my stuff may not be Gallery Material, but this was just a local arts centre. This has got right under my skin, this has kicked in my survival instinct, I'll show her.
I've just rung a very upmarket shop in Ilminster while I'm writing this and I'm going to take the same pots to them later on today. One thing you learn in sales, is that you must learn at least one thing from every rejection and use that to your advantage in the next call, and the next and the next.


ang said...

you go paul!! excellent motivator that stuff, thing, whatever you want to call it.... use it and find your niche, it's all about your work and being in the right place!

Ron said...

I had a very similar experience with a gallery a few years ago. I was devastated. What total rejection. Sarah and I had also planned alittle vacation around the trip and that ruined the whole weekend for me. I just kept thinking, 'my pots suck, I have to do something else, it's not worth it'.
I got over it about a month later! Ha.
Good luck with the other place. Your pots are fantastic, you know that.

Hannah said...

absolutlty ridiculousd, ignore her, rubbish rubbish rubbish.
Paul says I'm missspelling thimngs, it's cos i'm angry for you.

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