Friday, 18 July 2008

Are you sitting Comfortably - this is a long one

Well what a day!.
We opened the Kiln about half past 3 today, following the Glaze firing Yesterday.
Probably my best Firing yet, with these three pots that Marion decorated using under glaze colours coming out very well. this was the first time Marion has ever decorated a pot.
The results have started my mind racing with Ideas, because I have never used under glaze colours before and the possibilities are endless.

I'm very pleased with this big dish, the idea behind these, is that they look old and quirky the green glaze on the edge is roughly painted on.

This bowl is a wedding present for our friends John and Liz who are getting married a week on Saturday, so that's good for me the pressure is now off to get the present sorted.

This mug was a trial glaze, a new recipe I put together myself, I had two new trial glazes in this firing the other was OK but not what I was looking for.

Loads of good pots out of this firing but this is the one that has got me all excited, just one small mug, but the colour is just what I have been trying to reach, it's got depth, clarity, shine and it fits the body really well, not a craze mark in sight.

This is one of three big jugs to come out of this firing.
This post shows the day the way round wrong, because we started the day going out to buy an old stone trough for the garden, and when we got back my new gas burner was sitting on the doorstep, an absolute bargain off EBay at £34.00

While we were out we went through a local village called Aller, who this weekend have their annual scarecrow competition. we couldn't go past without getting a few pics for the blog.

This Amy Winebox one was our favorite.

What an exciting day, I'm all fired up for a weekend of potting.


Hannah said...

like the new glaze, much richer.

Ron said...

Those are some scary scare crows. I'd stay away from those. I like the new glaze too. It's nice to finally feel like you're getting somewhere with that kind of thing.
Will we be seeing more pots with underglazes??

doug fitch said...

Excellent, well done. They'll be delighted with that bowl no doubt. That glaze has a really good sheen to it. You've really got the measure of that kiln now, you're flying. Are you going to have a play with the underglazes?

A Belated birthday kiss for Marion X

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Love the under glaze decoration. She's a natural, great strength in the shapes too. Keep up the good work.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

PS, That poor Amy Winebox is really starting to let herself go isn't she.

paul jessop said...

I am going to have a play with them, but on different pots. I dont think they can be incorporated into slipware pots.
I didn't show you how the green slip came out, I'll add a pic tomorrow.

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