Friday, 22 August 2008

How to build a Showroom

At the show loads of people said
"I didn't know there was a Pottery in Barrington "?
Up until last week there wasn't !!
This is the side gate to the Cottage that will now become the Entrance to
Barrington Pottery
It was obvious That I need to get a sign put up outside, but most of all I needed to make a showroom that visitors would be able to see my work.
This lean to area in the back garden between the Cottage and the workshop seemed the ideal place, so after a few cups of tea and some cleaning up I came up with this.

Barrington Pottery New Showroom


ang said...

oh very swish..serving tea??

Brian said...

I like it!
The steps up to the garden gate and rustic lean-to make it feel like a pottery should. Very inviting and homey.

Deborah Woods said...

Very nice Paul-I love the gate entrance-good for you, you're really pulling this all together nicely.

Chris C. said...

Those boxes holding the pots look fantastic! What a great way to display your work.

Ron said...

Nicely done Paul.

Big Al said...

Excellent work! Wow, huge change. Hope the lovely table that was in the first picture did not go far. Looks like a great piece.

Beautiful pots, too.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! Good for you dad! What about the dogs? Will they leg it outside when the gate's opened?

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Looks really great Paul but a showroom like that would be a wee bit chilly up here in the winter.

paul jessop said...

Don't worry Alan, I have plan B for the cold winter days.
It's called the welsh dresser in the Kitchen.

Hi Big Al, i'll take another picture from a different angle today so you can see how the table fits in. It's an old refectory table with two benches that came from an old school that closed down some kids have scratched there initials in it and one of them is PJ so we just had to have it.

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