Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bideford and Before

It just hasn't stopped raining here in Barrington, but it hasn't dampened my spirits.
OK it did stop on Sunday for the Kiln opening at Bideford and I got the chance to put the handles on these Harvest Jugs just before we set off for the Kiln opening. I was awake at 6am like an excited school boy.

John and Doug

This is just before the kiln was opened with Phillip Leach in the middle there.
Notice the classic Morris Traveler in the back ground.

The door is opened to a round of applause, The dish on the left hand side as you look in is one of mine, used as a space filler.

A selection of jugs

and some more

This was my one, Totally different from all the rest.
and I must admit I came away thinking I've got to up my game.

The three Amigo's

And the very nice Mr Henry Sandon holding one of Doug Fitch's bowls.


Hannah said...

that car was gorgeous wasn't it. i'd love to turn up to shows in one of them.
was great to see you two again at the weekend, hope you enjoyed it.

ang said...

your jug is lovely, I think we always judge our own work harshly, It stands up well amongst the others...

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

I agree with ang, it looks good to me. Maybe the glaze could do with a little more umph for the wood firing but a great piece none the less.

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