Egg Cups & Orders

I warmed up yesterday morning by making 20 Egg Cups
thrown off the hump from one lump of clay.

I then got stuck into making some more of my orders. I find it a strange feeling
when you are making orders, somehow the pots feel different, somehow it feels as if the people that have ordered them are watching you make them, or may be it's because you have met the person who will be buying it before you have made it, if that makes any sense!
I feel under more pressure to make sure it's just right.
Do other potters feel this ? or is this just me!!
The big pot on the wheel is a Harvest jug, thrown in one piece from 6lbs of clay and is 12" tall
in the background are 3 one pint tankards and two jugs but the lady asked me if i could make lids for them to stop the fly's getting in in the summer.

I threw the pots as I would for a storage jar with an inset lid
then pulled the spout in the usual way, It makes a slightly bigger lip but I think its OK.
Here is a closer picture for more detail.
I've been accepted as an associate member of the
Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and tonight is the AGM
so I'm going to go along and see what goes on.
Hope I don't have to kiss the turkey's bottom or anything!!


Hollis Engley said…
Hi, Paul. I love the look of all those egg cups on the ware board. I am more likely to warm up with teabowls, since people here know what to do with a drinking cup. Someone in the US must make egg cups (we used them when I was a child in the '50s), but I can't remember the last time I saw one here. On the other hand, maybe I'm missing the chance to be the egg cup king ...
Love looking at your pots.
Hollis Engley
Hatchville Pottery
Falmouth, Mass.
Paul Jessop said…
Hi Hollis, Thanks for your comments, when they are finished I will send you two in the post.
so you can have an English breakfast, of boiled eggs and toasted soldiers. Yummie
Hollis Engley said…
By all means, Paul. I'll send you a couple of teabowls. And what on earth are "toasted soldiers"?
ang design said…
so how was the meet? and more importantly how was the turkey??
doug Fitch said…
Great pics Paul, lovely to see rows of stuff like that, very good skills indeed

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