Friday, 14 November 2008

Tea Pots, Visitors from a foreign Land & Walking

I made some more Teapot Bodies yesterday, these ones are smaller

using just under 2 lbs of clay

Spout position marked off and holes drilled

Spouts cut to shape, although in this case very badly, I ended up throwing

3 more spouts and drying them on top of the Aga.

The finished pot

Not quite, I decided to add a handle lug and trim the spout

Do you Recognise these two ladies looking around in my showroom

this afternoon ?

Susan & Jane, friends of Ron Philbeck dropped in for afternoon Tea

and naturally we talked all things pots!!

and they had us in stitches with their stories of getting lost

in country lanes and Lakes !!

After Susan & Jane had gone we took the dogs for a walk

The colours are just amazing at the moment.


Ron said...

Yea! I'm soooo glad they made it to see you. I can't wait to hear about their adventures when I see them again.

ang said...

sweet little tpot paul liked it even better the 2nd time it was finished and how nice to have visitors o/s in your showroom, what a treat..

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