Monday, 1 December 2008

Oh No not Again !!!!

I could not believe it this morning, more pots attacked by a visit from Jack Frost
Why did I not learn from the last time this happened.
I just feel so stupid.
And then today the truck wouldn't start,
ended up in a garage in Yeovil, total waste of a day and I am doing a glaze firing today,
Marion looked after the kiln for me while I was out.
and now at 9pm it's still only at 980.
Last week I said
"I love Mondays now"
Well you can have this one back if you want I certainly don't want to see it again.


Earl and Vickie said...

I've been there. I once left the studio for a few days to visit my parents out of state and my landlord turned down the heat to "save gas".
$2000.00 worth of orders for Christmas down the drain, all ruined by ice in the still wet pots.

Hannah said...

get a heater!!!

Deborah Woods said...

That sucks! Can you leave some heat on low overnight so it won't get down to freeziing?

paul jessop said...

During the day I heat the workshop with a gas bottle and a Raku burner, but can't leave that on all night, I did have a small electric fan that would cut in if a frost started but the electric bill was huge. but will go back to this for now until I get in the new workshop, which is looking likley to be in the new year now.
Having read Earl and Vickies comment I don't feel so bad, you poor guys that must have been a very bad day at the office.

Hannah said...

My anti prost thing on the little fan heater is great and well worth the electric which isn't taht much actually, it always surprises me and well worth it in keeping away the wrecked pots. Good luck.

Hollis Engley said...

Ouch. Sorry to see that, Paul. I do love a bit of heat in the studio.

Hollis Engley said...

Ouch. Sorry to see that, Paul. I do love a bit of heat in the studio.

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