Sunday, 14 December 2008

Perry's Cider - Dowlish Wake

Paid a visit to Perry's Cider in Dowlish Wake today
to buy some Local Cider
Great collection of cider flagons in the Museum
and a great selection of old tools
I wasn't going to stand around too long people would have thought
I was one of the exhibits.


potterboy said...

Is that the one we drove past, or a different one?

I hope to drive up to Wells this week to buy some local Norfolk cider for the holidays.

paul jessop said...

It's a different one.

Ron said...

What a cool place! I could sit in there and draw for hours.

potterboy said...

Any news, vis-a-vis the bloggers get together?

Hollis Engley said...

Paul: this comment comes from my friend Chris Bromfield, a Somerset boy who married a woman here on Cape Cod and now lives and works here. He's a thatcher by trade and did some work on Johnny Leach's house a few years back. He apparently still speaks whatever it is you folks speak there in Somerset, because I don't completely understand him all the time. Here's what he wrote when I sent the link to your Dowlish Wake item: "Hay Hollis, tell yer blogger mate that my Aunt Hillary owns a pub a few miles away from Dowlish Wake. It's Dinnington Docks. She's not there much , its run by a manager, but he might still be able to get a pint and a haircut on a Tuesday morning. Does your mate live in England?Dowlish cider is a bit sweet for me, I prefer Borough Hill screech me senn."

paul jessop said...

Hi Hollis,
we go to the Dinnington Docks quite a bit it's one of our favorite pubs, it's so old and quirky, you still can get your hair cut on a Tuesday. and the food is great.

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