Saturday, 6 December 2008

Still have time to appreciate the little things in life.

This little chap has been living in my jug by the front door for a number of weeks now
I felt I should take time to share it with you, as I walk past him every day.

This was my stall at the Hambridge Village Hall,
I now know where the phrase organised Chaos comes from.
but it was good fun.
My Bowl fetched £32.00 last night at the Auction
to raise funds for the Barrington Players.
They raised over £1000
I drank too much Stella last night and am quite surprised I mustered this post before going off to the next that starts in less than an hour.


potterboy said...

When they demolished some of the bits of my house, the thing was covered in thousands of ladybirds - I don't know where they'll all go this winter - I have loads too still but less space for them - I shall check my pots. I know i have at least two hibernating butterflies.

I can't believe you make lovely tankards, but drink stella...

mahanpots said...

I've always heard ladybugs bring you good luck. Do you call them ladybugs?

paul jessop said...

I hope they do bring you luck !
I've always called them lady birds
even though some must be male. how do you sex a ladybird, and why would you ?

mahanpots said...

We had a lady bug in the kitchen the other day and my wife referred to it as a lady bird. Now, I know where she got that from. She's from Ireland.

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