Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Slipware Pots.

New Pots from the Kiln this morning. I have noticed that two pots from the last firing have glaze coming away from the rim, so this time I left the kiln even longer to cool down
the Pyrometer was reading 44 0c when I opened it.
These two lidded dishes were supposed to have white slipped Knobs
but it looks like i dipped them back in the green slip.
This is a smaller Panceon with some much bigger ones to come.

Not exactly a matching set but close.
Larger bowl this is one of a pair.
and this little coffee cup has a new design that I seem to remember
on a set when I was a Kid back in the Late 60's.
Oh God I'm getting old......


Jerry said...

Love those matching jars. Very nice.

Ron said...

Nicely done Paul. I like those jar shapes too. Enjoying the thatching updates.

Hannah said...

I like the fat bellies on those lidded pots. Shimmering rims are horid, I hate it hate it hate it!

Dick Teft said...

Nice pots! I really love your slip decoration.

Hollis Engley said...

With pots like that,it must be fun to open the kiln. Even more fun when they go out the door and leave cash behind.

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