Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Pots and New Stamp

When I did the Christmas fayre at the Barrington Village Hall
I had a very long discussion with one of our Villagers who felt very strongly
that I should have a stamp on my pots showing it was made in Barrington.
To be Honest it has been something I have been trying to avoid
My point of view being that it's a bit "Touristy".
But Now that I'm at Barrington Court it would appear that people like to buy things
either as presents or for themselves that will remind them of their day in Barrington.
So here we go ( what do you think ? )
I found a rubber stamp maker that knew their stuff and suggested I have them made from
polymer what ever that is.
anyway it turned up and it's almost like a metal very firm and easy to press into leather hard clay.
I've had a smaller one done for the bottom of the egg cups.
Here is a selection from today's Kiln opening.
This Jug is in some way a bit of a homage to Mr Doug Fitch
it's about 13" tall . In lots of ways it's all wrong
the shape isn't sexy, like Doug's ones and it's made with a smooth refined clay
unlike Doug's, so in more ways than not it's a very poor attempt.
It's destined to sit in the Window of our local Pub, so after a few drinks it might look OK .

Oh and my second Ash Glaze Trial came out OK but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Does it still count as an ash glaze if it's only got 33% Ash in it ?


Hannah said...

Hey Paul,
Swanky stamp. Does the trick nicely.
Having interesting conversations at the weekend about why we do what we do. It'd be good to hear why you do slipware too, we know Ron's story.I'm going to ask Margaret too I think. Interesting to hear the tales behind it all.

paul jessop said...

Hi, Why Do I do Slipware ?

I love the simplicity of what I make and the way I make it. on a personal note I think a lot of people over complicate it, and the only way you can understand what it is they have made, is if they explain it to you. That's all well and good in a Gallery environment. But I like to make stuff that speaks for it's self, pots that hit you with their simplicity.

Ron said...

Hey I like the Barrington stamp. Guess you've got your stamp on there too right? Looking good as always.

Peter said...

Hi Paul, we had a person very angrily tell someone at our 12 member potter's co-op here in Dunedin, NZ that we should all have "Made In New Zealand" stamped on the bottom of all of our pots, and they refused to buy anything from us because we didn't. I wonder if Hamada was under pressure to have "Made in Japan" stamped on the bottom of his tea bowls!! Seriously though, your stamp probably will add to your sales, and that is a good thing. The reality is that a lot of people do seem to buy things to remind them of a place that they have visited. I love your comment as to "Why I do Slipware". One thing that has attracted me to pottery, after a background in painting are values such as simplicity, honesty, humanity, and craftsmanship. It is nice to make a mug that someone will drink out of, or a tile for a floor that will take a person's weight. P.

paul jessop said...

Hi Ron, yep on the bigger pots I put the PJ as well I've also got an 09 stamp so it evens out
PJ Barrington 09.

But I'm saving this for particular pots I like at the Leather hard stage.

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