Monday, 25 May 2009

Before and After Shots

I was sorting some pictures out this morning and came across
these two Bread Crocks That had just been thrown.
and the Final Piece.

I've tried another shape lid on this one which I think will look better
so I'm making a new lid now.
It's strange how just a small subtle change can have such an impact
on the finished pot.
and this baby seemed enormous when I threw it but in fact
it's not that big at all.
I've sold this one all ready.
Bank Holiday weekend sales are going well today I'm at the workshop
from 12 noon until 5pm.
The weather yesterday was scorching Hot, but today is damp and Dull.
But isn't that what we love about the British Weather.


ang said...

nice designs paul, glad to hear things are warming up...

Anonymous said...

beautiful crocks

Hollis Engley said...

Really handsome pots, Paul. Very nice.
We were out all day yesterday, Sunday, with many tourists and visitors in town. I don't expect anyone to drop by here to buy, but while we were at an engagement party down-Cape, someone came and bought several pots, leaving the cash under the radio. I love that. But it would have been good to meet them. I think you get more of that than I do.

Abysmal Musings said...

They're looking lovely. And yes, the weather on Saturday was gorgeous - wish it would last. atb David.

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