Sunday, 28 June 2009

Flower Pots and a Lady Who knew Isaac Button.

Earlier this week I got a chance to look in the potting sheds at Barrington Court
Virtually all of the flower pots are hand thrown, with just a few modern ones
made by jolly machine.
A couple of weeks ago the McDonalds came into my workshop to collect
the Harvest jug they had ordered and at the Time Joy ordered
six seed pans.
Hopefully just like the ones I have now completed.
"ready when you are Joy".
I know they read the blog.
And today I sold one of my Ash Glaze pots to a lady
who used to take school children to visit Isaac Button at Soil Hill Pottery.
She said he would never answer his phone or reply to letters,
but was always great with the kids when they turned up.

I tell you, you meet all sorts of people and find out so much
it really does make every day different.


Charles The Potter said...

Wow, how cool, Isaac Button is one of my pottery heroes. I even show the documentary to my clay classes.

Hollis Engley said...

That's very cool, Paul. I, on the other hand, abandoned the pottery today in favor of the Leeside, a bar in Woods Hole, where I drank good IPA and watched the US lose by one point to the Brazilians in the Confederation Cup. I felt a very negligent potter, but Dee was away for the weekend and I was on my own.

Hollis Engley said...

I guess I should say, "Lose by one goal" ...

jimgottuso said...

amazing that you ran into the lady... 2 degrees of separation

Cambria Pottery said...

Charles the Potter said he shows the doc of Isaac Button to his classes. Does anyone know where I could acquire a copy of this wonderful film? I tried contacting BFI but wasn't able to make a contact.

Anonymous said...

amazing that you ran into the lady... 2 degrees of separation

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