Monday, 22 June 2009

Keeping Cool

This Bowl came out of the Kiln yesterday
it's 13" wide and has a nice metallic look where the slip is thicker.

For my Birthday last Saturday Marion bought me a mini fridge for the workshop
How cool is that !
That will keep my Chocolate nice and cool through the summer months.
I also had six of these small lidded pots come out of the kiln
but I sold two of them while they were still warm to the touch.
The kiln was only 41 oc when I opened it,
but it is a nice warm feeling in the hand,
a bit like buying a freshly baked loaf of bread, but without the smell.
Earlier I posted a video clip that was just a draft so I've taken it off
now until it's in the final cut.

Pottery is the New Yoga?

Earlier in the year one of my daughters sent me a link to an article in Vogue magazine which stated "Pottery is the New Yoga"...