Sunday, 12 July 2009

Busy ,Busy ,Busy.

I've been so busy at the workshop at the moment I'm afraid my blogging has suffered a bit
I did try to catch up with everyone last Wednesday, I would have loved to have caught up with Dan Finnigan and Matt Grimmit last week for a pint in Conderton but Marion didn't get home till 7pm so we just ran out of time.
I've had two groups of 6 local school kids in the workshop aged between 7 -9
I showed them the whole process of pottery making and then let them loose with some clay for 40 minuets.
They all did very well but this was my favorite
he told me it's a car going along a road through a tunnel and over a bridge.
Oh and that's a dead deer!.
I think there must be an interesting story behind that, but I did not want to pry.

Marion has been growing all sorts of veg this year and we finally got the first crop of the season just washed and boiled with some butter these were very nice indeed.
I've also been making some much bigger pots but found I didn't have a Bat big enough to turn this dish, so I had to improvise by cutting up one of my shelf units to make a 24" Bat
stacked on top of three other bats so that it would fit over the top of the tray.

Well it worked!!

I've also had to write some articles for a magazine that want to feature me.
more on that at a later date.
I don't think I've ever been so busy.
I feel like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air.


Ron said...

Hey Paul. I have missed your regular postings. Hope you'll find time for some blogging here and there.

paul jessop said...

Hi Ron, I worked until 5pm today and our friends Rob & Shirley were sat out side the village pub so I've only just made it back home. I will try my best to post some more interesting stuff because I do have lots going on at the moment.
would you belve it I've done spell check and it sys its all ik

Anonymous said...

wow, 24" bat... you're getting up there in size, not sure i could get the piece in the kiln

paul jessop said...

Nor am I,
my Electric Kiln is 23" wide.

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