Sunday, 26 July 2009

Gloomy - But Only the Weather

Anybody that spends a large amount of time in England
gets used to the Odd Weather patterns in any one day.
This month seems to have been unusually weird.
According to the Weather forecasters this was supposed to be a scorcher of a Summer
But as these pictures show it's been a bit gloomy.
But that's only the weather everything pottery related is going very well at the moment
certainly the visitor numbers have picked up and so have the sales.


jimgottuso said...

so the weathermen in england are no better at forecasting than stateside... we're having the coolest july on record here in kentucky

Hollis Engley said...

Cool and wet here on Cape Cod, for the most part. OK with me, but I think some of the vacationers would like sunny beach days seven days a week.

Anna said...

Ours is hot and Virgnia humid. Just in time to prepare for Dan's homecoming....

Hannah said...

hmm twin sister! i was just spying on you really you know.

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