Monday, 20 July 2009

I'm not quite sure what's going on ?

Over the past couple of weeks I must have been asked at least four times to make pots without any Glaze on them !
This means fitting them into the Glaze firing but without a glaze on them.
I've been using them a bit like saggers as you can see
in this picture of the second shelf in the kiln.
This was an order it's about 15" wide and 4" tall
I really quite like the pattern this has created. if I was at college it's the sort of thing that would have sent me off in a tangent playing around with the Idea.

And I have also been asked to make some unglazed cooking pots
These will get better and better the more they are used apparently soaking up the oils and juices seals them over time.
I can understand the logic but to be on the safe side I made an extra one for
us to use at home so we can see what happens.
This small Harvest Jug also came out of the Kiln
and was sold within the Hour, luckily I had just taken this picture.


Ron said...

Nice sprigs on the jug. We are planning our trip to England. Looks like we'll be there Aug 5th-15th. I'd love to visit you and Marion. I'll shoot ya an email soon.

Anonymous said...

maybe they're just to roast a giant batch of roast garlic

Christine--RHP said...

Lovely work! Let us know how the unglazed cookpot works out--might have to get one too!
and that jug---just darling!

Hollis Engley said...

I love the idea of the unglazed ware. For baking dishes, maybe?

Winston said...

Were your clients Asians (Chinese or Indians) by any chance? We have a tradition of using unglazed pots that have been fired at very high temperatures for cooking stews and curries and after some time, you really can taste the difference between a dish made in a glazed pot and one made in an unglazed vessel. The latter is miles better!

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