Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Country Living Magazine - Campaign 2010

I have two things to say first, before I go on with the blog.
1. I still haven't got a new Digital Camera sorted yet, hence no pictures of work in progress or of how the new workshop is coming along.
2. If by scanning this Magazine article I have breached any copy write issues
I apologise now.
As a subscriber to Country Living Magazine I was very pleased
to see the new campaign for 2010

Country Living have always been good supporters of Potters
over the years.
So I was especially pleased with the article that states as number 7
" The Local Village Pottery
should be a Priority Destination
for anyone with a love of
beauty in utility"
As for the new workshop, progress is slow.
I've spent the past week clearing it up, and I've lost count of how many times I have re arranged it's future layout in my head.
I find the more time I spend in there,
the more I get a feel for the space around me
and that's helping me to picture the working flow of the space.
I will get some pictures up here soon.


cookingwithgas said...

YEA! Good for Country Living Mag. I hope that folks read and go out and buy!

Ron said...

Yes, very good. Hope you get the space sorted. Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get the camera

Anonymous said...

great suggestion in the article... now, that's good journalism

Lori Buff said...

It's so good to see major publications taking up the idea of buying locally, especially when they include potters.

Hannah said...

Good one CL!

Trish said...

Paul..thanks for the info on the magazine. I have called my local Chapters store and have one waiting for me when it comes to this side of the pond.:) I do buy this magazine every so often, besides the articals and photos, it helps me feel connected to the homeland of my paternal grandparents :). Continued success on your studio.
T. from Alberta

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