Friday, 15 January 2010

Barrington Court Wassail 2010.

I've broken my Digital camera, I found it in my coat pocket
with the Zoomy lens poking out at a funny angle.
I tried all sorts of subtle tampering, but it's Not going to work ever again.
So I've had to borrow Marions.
These pots came out of the kiln on Wednesday this is the second
glaze firing this year and a third is in the kiln tonight.
This is the black slip on the green slip, the glaze is a bit thin in places
so it doesn't have the richness I was looking for, But I do like it.
This store Jar is just plain black and white slip.

and this store jar came out a treat, I'll be making more of these.

I've got some small Wassail cups in the Glaze firing tonight they should be ready for the
Barrington Court Wassail
Sunday 17th Jan 5.30 - 8pm
Come along if you can.
We'll have the workshop open and there will be plenty
of Food and Cider if past years have been anything to go by.


Hannah said...

like the simplicity if the black with the white lines. rich hiney is good too, great jars.

cookingwithgas said...

Love the jars and wish I could be there!

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