Friday, 8 January 2010

A Walk on the Wild Side

It was -9 oc here this morning, so I decided to walk to the workshop
via the back lanes, a much shorter and safer route
as the roads and paths are thick with Ice.
And I'm glad I did, a pure winter wonderland.

The sun shining through these leafs made me think about Porcelain.
I love the translucent quality of very fine porcelain,
but I find I just can't work with it.
When I got to the workshop I found the Night Storage heater had stopped working.
This ice was on the inside of the workshop window.
Luckily my plug in electric heater was set on frost control. and was still working.
but It has made for a colder than usual workshop today.
I have some pots to glaze in the next few days so I'll get kiln firing soon.
I've had my little helper with me today, but as you can tell by his expression
he'd rather of been at home with his Mum.
I've spent the morning putting handles on these Mini Wassail Cups
that I was trying to get ready for the Barrington Court Wassail
on the 17th of January.
I might have them Biscuit fired by then with a bit of luck.
so I'm back to the workshop now .

1 comment:

Hollis Engley said...

It's tough to work in a cold studio, Paul. I've been sealing up mine this year so that it's less daunting to work in January and February. Love that top photo. Looks like something out of "The Hobbit."

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