Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Discover South Somerset 2010

Some of you may remember last February I showed the 2009 Guide
with my details in a small corner of the booklet
under a section other places to visit.
This years guide has just come out

and I'm in it but I'm not if that makes any sense.
The full page picture is of my showroom
but no where in the book does it Mention
Barrington Pottery.
I remember the guy taking pictures back in September.
I'm very pleased with the picture and I'm sure that people who came last year
will remember where it is.
and I will be a part of the art weeks open studio event in September.
it is great to have the picture in the Visitor Guide.
For those who are searching the guide out on the web
my details are as follows.
Paul Jessop
Barrington Pottery
Barrington Court,
Barrington, Nr Ilminster,
Somerset TA19 0NQ
tel: 01460 54410.


Ron said...

Hopefully folks will inquire. That is a great show of people looking around your showroom.

Hollis Engley said...

Would have been nice to have at least a caption that mentions where the photo was taken. Still, it's a fine photo. Shows off the pots and people's interest in them.

Christine--RHP said...

omg--that would have me annoyed. GREAT photo though. I'd think I'd have to have a word with that publication, considering that it says 'arts and crafts' on the front cover and it doesn't include even a listing of Barrington Pottery.

Lori Buff said...

I agree with Christine. It's possible they can fix the layout before another printing, or at least be certain they don't make the same mistake ever again.
It's a great picture, I'm sure it feels horrible that you were not given the credit you deserve.

paul jessop said...

It was my mistake !
They had tried to contact me and I didn't get back to them.
So I will learn to return my calls in future.
I'm having a land line phone installed in the new workshop so hopefully I will be easier to get hold of.
And they have offered to put my info on the web site.

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