Thursday, 1 April 2010

Crazilly Busy at the Moment!!

I seem to have so much on the go at the moment I don't seem to have
a moment to stop and think.
So this morning I have been sat at the computer
trying to catch up on things.
So if I'm supposed to be doing something for you and it hasn't happened yet.
it's because I am running a stacking system, much like that used
by Air traffic controllers.
These jugs are 2 white slip 2 green slip & 2 blue slip.
with some smaller pancheons now all slipped.
This is My Monday evening evening class,
Wendy & Marion.

and Marion Engrossed in her large coil pot.


Anna said...

I bet it feels good, being busy in your new space. And I just noticed your etsy sidebar! Living in the States, I wondered how I would acquire a pot of yours...I'll be watching!

ang said...

good to see things stacking up nicely and a night class way to go!

jimgottuso said...

beautiful jugs all in a row

Hollis Engley said...

All that space for teaching and workshops looks really good, Paul. As do your pots. Nice to be in the new space, huh?

Christine--RHP said...

yippee!! the space looks like you've been in there for years!

and look at Marion rock and roll!

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