Thursday, 29 April 2010

New pots

Fresh from the kiln this morning is this Large lidded jar.
It's the first pot I have ever been asked to make
for storing Parrot seed in.
It's glazed on the inside but unglazed on the outside
It's just the white slip.

I have told them it will show all the marks on the outside,
but that's what the customer wanted.

This is a large bread crock that will have a wooden lid when Fired.

I spotted these cars at the court the other day.


Made at a time when cars were cars.
rather than the jelly moulds they make these days.


Hollis Engley said...

I had no idea parrots grew from seeds. When exactly is parrot planting season over there, anyway?

paul jessop said...

Hey Hollis, the lady came and collected the pot today.
apparently the food is a mixture of seed,dried fruit, peppers and nuts.
they eat healthier than I do that's for sure.

wendy garrett said...

The parrot pot looks fine, hope future finger marks doesn't mean it will end up looking 'seedy'.

wendy garrett said...

I first saw one of those classic jags when I was a little girl; driven by the 'rent man'. Mum said 'jags were often driven by crooks'. So I guess our rent man had a sense of style.

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