Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Post with No Picture

Since I have been here at Barrington Court
I must say that I have been blessed by the amount of very nice customers
That have bought my pots.
Some of which are very special indeed, with their knowledge of pottery
and appreciation of hand made Ceramics, they not only buy pots
which enables me to put food on the table,
" I still haven't made any plates".
But they make you feel that the life you are living is privileged
and makes a real contribution to the community in which we live.
On the other hand we have to learn to take the good with the bad.
Customers fit into a number of Categories.
I've had the lady who came in and rearranged my display
stood back and then said
"There that feels better".
For who ?
I'm not quite sure.
and yesterday I recognised a guy that came in the workshop last year
One of which, I am sure we all come across is
" The Nutter"
last year he wasted almost an hour, mainly because I was unaware of just how barking mad some people can be.
Well not this year matey.
As soon as I clocked him walking in the door I headed straight for the Pug Mill.
The noisiest machine in the workshop and the furthest away from the door.
My clay bin was fully stocked, but that wasn't going to deter me
from finding a way to ignore this guy until he went away.
It worked !
He only stood around for 10 minutes
unable to make eye contact and conversation he left
obviously disillusioned that I had spoilt his party.
but at the end I had an extra 4 bags of clay pugged.
Paul the Potter 1 Nutter 0


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was not his very rich twin brother who was so impressed with the time you spent with nutter that he was going to buy all your pots and give you an allowance for life?

Jon Cullum

imagine said...

I know that 'Nutter', he comes in my gallery.
Well him or his brother, looks like I'm going to have to get a pugmill.
At least it will beat saying "can you excuse me while I go out the back and hang myself you boring

I do love your blog Paul, in fact I love what you are doing, it was people like you [now long gone] that made me fall in love with pots all those years ago.
Well done.

cookingwithgas said...

thats for the laugh- I am moving my pug mill to the gallery!

www.traceybroome@mindspring.com said...

I hate to admit that I could be that lady rearranging displays. I have always felt the need to rearrange a space I'm in:) I try to restrain myself at least for politeness though. I agree, having seen potters working in studios much like yours is what made me fall in love with pottery too. You are very blessed!!

Ron said...

Good story Paul. Yes, I hope it wasn't his rich twin. You'd be out for that one. Hopefully you'll make some plates soon. They are such fun to decorate.

Hannah said...

Fab, I think they must be brothers of my ones too. We are ssort of sitting ducks for "attention" like that sometimes. Bless them maybe actually they just think they're found a kindred soul...

Hollis Engley said...

See, the problem I have is that I need to take the pug mill on the road with me to craft shows ...

Christine--RHP said...

Don't listen to them--I'm sure it wasn't the nutter's rich twin! I've been there,he's come to my studio too.
I've had tag team jailbird ladies come in and chat me up and steal things...religious freaks with no boundaries try to get behind the counter and 'bless' me....
After a while, you toughen up--you have to. Good move with the pug mill.

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