Thursday, 9 September 2010

Competition Eve.

My Hops arrived from Kent on Tuesday
and I put them up straight away as suggested in the box.
I love having them in the showroom, they add a certain something.
Hops I think!
The draw for the Competition is going to be held Tomorrow night
so if you want to be in the draw you still have time to leave a comment
on the 400th Post.
So far there are 22 names to go in the hat
so you have a 1 in 22 chance of winning at the moment.
I'm going to use the summer hat for the draw.

Yesterday afternoon
I took a bit of time out to go and visit Doug Fitch.
Doug has been a great help to me since we found each other via a Blog
about Fremmington clay.
Alex mcerlain was there helping with the Kiln firing, and it was
nice to meet him for the first time.
I love Doug's work
such rich colours and beautiful full bellied shapes.
Doug's showroom is looking good.
This is the best one of these Cider jars I have ever seen, Ever.
This should be snapped up by a Museum
or a collector as a fine example of the art.
and on the way home a Rainbow.


cookingwithgas said...

your showroom looks so inviting.
We use to have hops growing up our building- it survived our fire but did not make it through the construction of rebuilding the studio- it is time to order more.
That is a fab cider jug!

ang said...

wow check out those hops, looks really rustic!! kinda like that big climber thingy outside...can't remember what that was called??..
and gorgeous pots as always by the hollyford chap..

Lori Buff said...

I thought surely you were going to use the hops to make beer.

Anna said...

We just moved and our new house has hops growing in the garden! The previous owner was a homebrewer. Me thinks we need to do some research on that subject! I too love Doug's work!

Ron said...

The showroom looks amazing Paul. The hops are cool. I remember seeing them in your house too.

Peter said...

Hops, what a lovely aroma they have! You are right about Doug's cider pot, it is a real goodun!

Markun taideblogi said...

Very interesting. Autumn greetings from Finland

James H said...

I happened to be looking through your blog today Paul (busy at work). I just spotted that cider jar of Doug's. Its utterly stunning and now sits in the dinning room at home :D

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