Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Busy Day in the Workshop.

I've really enjoyed my day at the workshop today,
I've actually done what I set out to do.
"Now that's a rare occurrence".
I finally finished my Evening classes at 9.30 last night.
so that's the last of those until the middle of February.
They have all gone very well and all have said they want to come back next year.
The students have all been great fun.
I'm still walking to the workshop, I love it.
I'm working on four bread crocks at the moment and I've made the lids today.
and I've also made another 10 Tankards and half a dozen
small jugs.

I've also packed up some orders that are now completed
This Black slip bowl is one of a pair.

It's nice to pack up completed orders
for a number of  reasons.
1. the money comes in.
2. You can get on with making other things.
3. It's a nice feeling of satisfaction to complete an order with pots your very proud of.

And this is a shot of the showroom table
towards the end of the day. 
A Lady came and bought one of my soup bowls today, she said she couldn't wait
to get home and put some soup in it.
Small comments like that make you
 proud to be a potter.
As I am.


Linda Fahey said...

You're an inspiration Paul!! I really enjoy visiting your blog!

Lori Buff said...

Your fresh pots look like chocolate, delicious.
You gotta love days like these.

doug Fitch said...

Those bread crocks are a lovely 'English' shape, very nice indeed

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...

Love your work. I'll take two of each.

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