Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Improved Barrington Pottery.Com

We have added just a touch of Christmas Spirit to the showroom.
for the Sales run up to Christmas
Nothing to pretentious, just some natural greenery..

 The Court is Closed in the Week
but it is Open at weekends in November & December.
My Workshop and Showroom are open 10 - 5pm weekdays
and 12 - 4pm at weekends.
And I've been getting a steady flow of visitors, either
placing orders or buying pots.
I have a number of orders I am working on and I'm trying to make extra stock
for a number of Christmas shows.

I also spent all of Yesterday, sorting out the workshop.
I've cleared out my shelf unit, to make it more of a production area.

Lots of odd  bits and pieces were hit with the hammer to clear some clutter.
My Dilemma today is this.
I've been meaning to spend a day making bread using one of my pancheons
and Wednesday is my one day I am closed to the public.
So Do I take the day off and make some Bread
or do I come in and work which will also make me some bread
of a different Kind ?
Answers on a post card please!

It's obviously a time for sorting my life out as well.
is there something in the position of the stars.
or was I just living a world of a jumbled mess?
My Web site designer Sam, has worked wonders on the
New Improved Web Site
We have updated the workshop page, the Sales page
and the Courses page.
Have a Look at
and let me know what you think.

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cookingwithgas said...

make bread now$$$$$ and bread--tasty--- in January!

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