Friday, 28 January 2011

Coffee with the Gods.

Today I was able to open the first Glaze firing in the Kiln
I bought off eBay last year.
I have fitted my new thermocouple and it works a treat.
This was all the pots in it 56 in total
all the tankards and soup bowls are for orders,
so are the 6 pasta bowls.
 I managed to fit in some lipped bowls and some small bowls
as some new stock for the showroom.
This lipped bowl picture was taken using my new photo booth. 
This morning I also managed to finish off these salt pigs.
Because they are called salt Pigs I give them
a curly tail when I turn them. 
Last Tuesday I collected a few small pieces that Johnny Leach
 had asked me to biscuit fire in my kiln
because I only fire to 885 oc.
They were firing up the big kiln at the time.
This morning I took the pieces back to Johnny and
I was invited to join them for coffee.
I sat in Johnny's throwing room with Nick Rees, Mark Melbourne,
Johnny Leach, his son Ben Leach and Rachel.
We had a good chat and I felt very humbled to be sat chatting with
these guys who for many years had been hero's of mine.
They do say
"don't meet your hero's",
as they usually disappoint in real life.
But not these Guys, a more down to earth
group of very nice people you couldn't wish to meet.
And here I am sat drinking and chatting to them as a Potter.
I felt as though I should pinch myself.


Monica said...

Inspiring blog.

Tracey Broome said...

I think you are quite a fine potter and hold your own amongst the best of them!! What a beautiful building, now that is also a dream studio!

Joseph said...

There was a potter I really liked and had seen his work in his shop, but it was closed on the day I went, three years later I finally got to the shop and tried to talk to him but he didn't have three words to say to me. I had admired his work all that time and I was very disappointed.

I would have thought having a bad experience with John Leach was near impossible. I so need to convince some friends that we need to take a road trip. We would of course stop off at Barrington Court too though.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

It's such a treat when things seem to come together! congrats on the successful firing (always a relief)! The pottery looks beautiful :)

Anna said...

LOVE those warm, simply slipped pots.

Ron said...

Nice looking batch of pots there Paul. Cool that you got to hang out w. JL and the gang. I like that little finishing touch on the salt pigs!

Lori Buff said...

I got a chance to assist one of my pottery hero's (Wally Asselberghs) and found him to be a very humble, sweet, likable guy. I think it has to do with being potters that makes them "down to Earth."

cookingwithgas said...

I spent a day with John Leach when he was here in the states a number of years ago.
He was such a joy to be with and like you I found him easy to talk with.
Great post and your pots are quite wonderful!

ang said...

can't help but wonder why paul you were bisque firing JL's pots :P aside that a lovely cuppa time no doubt...

Hollis Engley said...

No doubt Johnny and Nick are at home tonight telling their family that they got to have coffee with Paul Jessop. Great community you have there, Paul.

nick friedman said...
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