Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I'm Back.

I'm Back !
Having had a hectic 2010
working right up to 5pm on Christmas Eve.
I decided to take an extended break over Christmas and New Year.
Marion was off work as well so we were able to spend some
Quality Time together.
and it gave me some space to do some thinking. 
I'm going to be taking a more targeted approach in 2011. 
and aim my sights higher this year. 
Even some of my pots are going to be higher as well
with this new addition to the showroom, picked up on one of our days out. 
I also acquired a new photo booth kit
so I can take some better quality pictures of my pots. 
So Yesterday was my first day back in the workshop, and I set about
putting some oil in my pug mill, followed, by pugging 2 bins full of clay. 
To get me back in the groove I set myself a target of throwing
50 small bowls before lunch. 
I was very pleased to complete them at 12.55.
so My first target of the year was completed. 
One of my other bug bares was to get my other kiln sorted out
and Today I think I sorted it
I ordered a new thermocouple from Staffordshire Instruments
They tell me they supply them to most kiln manufacturers including my one.
so I think I've saved about £40. 
This is a picture using the new booth
I've got to iron out the background, but it came complete with
two daylight bulbs which I think will make the difference.

Loads of things lined up for the year ahead and I will add some more info
But at the moment I still have loads of new orders to make.
Happy New Year to you all
It feels like it's going to be an extremely busy one.


Ron said...

Good to hear that you have plenty of orders to keep you busy Paul. Glad too that you and Marion had some time off together. Looking forward to that missile launch to the target in 2011. What will you be doing I wonder? That pitcher looks v. much like the one we have!!!

Linda Fahey said...

Wow! Inspiring post, thank you!

cookingwithgas said...

1-11-11 is a good start to what looks like a great year.
I like those big guns!

Lori Buff said...

You should have fun working with the new photo booth set up. Someone recommended I get a polarizing filter for my camera, I like it, it really helps remove unwanted glare.

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