Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Year New Pots

I have noticed that not many of my recent posts
have included pictures of pots I am working on.
As this is now my main focus
I thought I would show you what I am up to.
I'm going to make a lot more Pancheons this Year
I've been looking into them and this year I hope to start making
the definitive Pancheons.
I just love how simple they are. 
I'm working on an order for Pasta Bowls 
If you want pasta bowls from me
this is the most decoration your gonna get. 
Making stock
20 Lipped bowls thrown this morning. 
I liked them but it would seem Cadbury
was none to impressed. 
I'm not a fan of over decorated pots, but Having said that
I do find that I have to make a conscious decision
to hold back when the wet slip is on the pot.
The more I think about it
The more I believe that this holding back is
what makes my ware stand out
as different.


Robin Wood said...

Nice work Paul, can't beat a nice pancheon and the bread making or cooking process is all the nicer when using beautiful tools.

jim said...

love those pancheons... said the overdecorator

Joseph said...

I love the freshness of the pottery, something I wish pottery when it was fired always looked just like it does at that stage.

Tracey Broome said...

I agree, I like the simplicity of your work. I enjoy the simple lines of the little pitcher of yours that I bought. It sits quietly in my kitchen and greets me every morning, and my pasta is decorative enough without a fussy bowl! Thanks for the union jack photo by the way, I have been thinking of putting one on the roof of one of my barns.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

What is it with dogs? Mine also exhibit a nonchalance in my studio. Regardless, your work is beautiful- I would have difficulty allowing it to remain simple, but you are very wise to do so. Simple elegance...a lot to be said for that approach.

ang said...

yeh i'd be sticking my fingers in there couldn't possibly resist.....unless i really knew what i was doing :))
and then yep leave em as quiet slip pieces...

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