Monday, 21 March 2011

Heritage Crafts Association Spring Conference a Huge Success.

It was a Beautiful spring day on Saturday for the
1st Spring Conference of the Heritage Crafts Association
held at the V&A in London.
Look how blue the sky was.
This is the Reception area.
just stunning.
This was the best organised and well run conference
both Me and Marion had ever been to.
As for what pot did I choose to take
I took pot 1 the cream jug.
and the instant gallery was a big hit, with some stunning work on show.
The speakers were great
and we came away with lots of fresh Ideas and thoughts.
Like " I've got to up my game".
at lunch we were able to sit outside in the sunshine.
This is about as smart as I get these days.
Have you noticed the chap on the poster ?

Thank You to all of the organisers and speakers
we enjoyed it on all sorts of levels.
and the journey home went very fast as we discussed
all sorts things.
It was nice to feel that we are doing a lot of things right
but it was also nice to hear of ideas that we should be looking to do as well.


Tracey Broome said...

I think you made a very good choice, I am with you on thoughts that I have to up my game!

Hollis Engley said...

Very smart and fettled, Paul. You clean up real well.

Hannah said...

Hi Paul,
Glad it was a good one. Last year's was great, I really enjoyed it.

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Keep it up

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