Friday, 15 April 2011

Royal Wedding Exclusive!

First Pictures of the Royal Wedding Coffee mugs.
These are going to be either given to school children in the area
or sold to raise school funds.
In total I have 3 orders that add up to 250 mugs.
The Royal Wedding is Two weeks today.
I've been putting in some long Hours and Marion
has been helping me in the evenings.
We are working on Two designs
One that has the slip sanded away leaving slip
in the wording to heigh light it.
and the second with wax resisit for the slip
and wax resist again for the glaze.
They are starting to come out of the kiln now so they should all
be done by this time next week
Certainly by the 27th at the latest.


cookingwithgas said...

those are going to be wonderful!

Anna said...

They look fantastic! What a production. You give me faith that I can get my 50 bowls done by May 14th. ;)

Ron said...

Wow Paul. That's a lot of mugs and a lot of work on each mug. Well done. Hi to Marion. I'll be getting D and H soon. Hope you and Marion will come over to see us in the near future.

Tracey Broome said...

I just LOVE these, the white one especially!!! Are you wearing your top hat while you make them?

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Those are great mugs!

wendy Garrett said...

I am impressed that they all look so similar; guess you really can make mugs now!

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Guys, Marion Say's Hi.
and we will try to get over some time next year.
You can do it Anna, 50 by lunch time today, please.
As for the top Hat Tracey, yes that is standard kit for this type of project. followed by breaks of a cigar and a glass of port.
It's the English way.

Dennis Allen said...

Love the white one. Most importantly, you spelled the names correctly.

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