Monday, 20 June 2011

River Cottage, Wales & the Black Swan.

OK I'm going to try and catch up a bit.
the weekend before last Marion did a stand at
River Cottage HQ event
"Spring into Summer"
The Saturday was great and a good day was had by all.
This was our hastily put together table.
all sorts going on.
including herding geese with a sheep dog.
as you can see it was a nice sunny day.
But it was a different story on the Sunday
Marion braved it out while I stayed at the workshop.
as you can see it was a dull wet day.
This weekend we went to West Wales
for a party thrown by one of Marion's old school friends Mandy.
the forecast wasn't good, but we were very lucky
the youngsters played on the Rodeo ride.
While I realised I was getting to old for such things
 and wasn't even tempted to get on. Maybe I should start wearing Beige!
This was our accommodation for the night
Hence the bottle of wine in Marion's pocket.

We were sort of prepared, we thought that glasses might be an issue
so we took a couple of Tea Bowls made by Hollis.
and we put them to good use.

In the morning this was a better site than ourselves.
and on the way back home we stopped off at a nearby river
to have a look at a pair of Black Swans we had spotted the previous day.
So that was last week.
and boy did we sleep last night.
when you've spent a night in a tent don't you just love your bed again.
This weekend we are looking forward to going to see all the fellow potters
at Rufford, we should be there on the Friday
all being well that Marion is able to get the day off work.
Can't wait.


Linda Starr said...

to great to see the black swans

Hollis Engley said...

Looks lovely, Paul. Especially the well-equipped woman that you travel with, wine-accommodating pockets and all. And it's good to see my teabowls are getting around.

Ron said...

Good to see what's been going on Paul. Lovely photo of Marion. Please tell her Hi from me and Sarah. Have fun at E&F!! I'd love to go to that sometime.

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